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Legal Resources

Without the advice and help of an attorney, you may be putting yourself, your children, property and money at risk. Do-it-yourself resources should NOT be considered legal advice or a substitute for legal representation by an attorney. It is recommended that you have an attorney to represent your interests in family law matters especially if domestic violence, child custody or large amounts of property are involved. DIY Forms will not adequately address division of property including real estate, retirement and/or employee benefits, stocks, bonds, mutual fund, or life insurance with a cash surrender value.


Many people avoid attorneys fearing that they are too expensive. Fees vary from firm to firm so do not give up hiring an attorney without contacting several offices.


Lawyer Referral Service: Local Attorneys are enrolled in a State Bar of Texas referral service to provide a 30 minute consultation appointment for a fee of $20.00. Monday – Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.


Find a Lawyer

The State Bar of Texas web site includes a “Find a Lawyer” link. You may search for lawyers by geographical area, board certification, practice area and/or by name.

Self-Represented or Do-it Yourself Resources

Free Texas documents and information for divorce with or without children (and other legal issues) are currently available on the internet at


Smith County Law Library

Librarian: Kara Kennedy


The Smith County Law Library is open to attorneys, judges and the general public at no cost. County law libraries in Texas make legal research materials available to the public. Because it is a research library, books and materials may not be taken out of the library. The Law Library pays particular attention to the area of Texas law and documents. We also have U.S. statutes and cases; however, we do not have state law from other states. Computers are available with access to the internet to search other legal sites.


Pro Bono or Free Legal Services

Lone Star Legal Aid provides free civil legal representation to qualified low-income litigants in East Texas. You must qualify through the local Tyler office first. If you qualify, but they cannot help you due to limited staff, then call: 1-800-354-1889 ext. 1529 This office can add your case to a list where they can request assistance for you by a local attorney. There is no guarantee that a lawyer will take your case as this is on a volunteer basis.


Bank of America Bldg., 3rd Floor
Tyler office: 903-595-4781

Texas Legal Services Center Family Helpline (these are volunteers)

Ask a lawyer any family law or Texas CPS related questions. All calls are anonymous. Free legal information. Monday-Friday, 9am to 6pm, CST. Be prepared to leave a message but they will call back!


1-844-888-6565 is an online website that provides information about local resources for Smith County and Cherokee county residents. Information on this site includes resources for issues regarding abuse & neglect, community events, crisis hotlines, food & utilities, legal matters, housing, mental health and much more.

Access & Visitation Hotline for non-custodial parents

Legal Aid of Northwest Texas offers an access and visitation legal hotline that provides non-custodial parents with basic legal information about issues related to family law. The hotline is available on weekdays from 1 p.m. to 7 p.m. Spanish language assistance is also available.




Advocacy for Victims of Crime & Education (AVOICE)

(Formerly VICARS for Crime Victims)

TheTexas Legal Services Center offers free legal advice to victims of violent crimes or victims of federal crimes like ID theft or human trafficking.



Family/Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault Victims

Texas Advocacy Project offers three separate legal hotlines for victims of family or domestic violence, victims of sexual assault, and for related family law issues. They provide assistance with civil legal questions related to domestic violence, protective orders, divorce, child custody, powers of attorney, guardianship, and related matters. There are three separate phone numbers to call depending on your question — see the Texas Advocacy Project website ( for more information.

Legal Hotline for Older Texans

The Texas Legal Services Center offers a free legal hotline for Texans over the age of 60 or Texans who receive Medicare.



Sexual Assault Legal Services & Assistance

The Texas Legal Services Center and the Texas Association Against Sexual Assault provide a free and confidential legal hotline for victims of sexual assault. The hotline is available on weekdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.



Texas Health Law Program

The Texas Legal Services Centeroffers a free legal hotline to assist Texans with modest incomes who have questions or issues related to health care.



Veteran’s Legal Assistance Project

The Texas Legal Services Center offers a free legal hotline for low-income Texas veterans and their families (with a focus on outreach to the disabled veterans who live in rural areas of the state). They provide assistance with civil legal questions. The phone number to call is1-800-622-2520, option 2. The Texas Lawyers for Texas Veterans program from the State Bar of Texas may also be able to connect veterans with free or low-cost legal assistance.


1-800-622-2520, option 2

Worker’s Compensation Injured Employee

The Division of Workers' Compensation offers an Injured Employee Hotline for employees who have been injured on the job.